Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank you for the mention, David!


Cap + shades + tank top + cold drink combo on a hot summer day. This look is inspired by La Boca, a popular destination for tourists visiting Argentina, with colorfully painted houses in a street museum and pedestrian alley called Caminito in Buenos Aires. 

What I’m wearing: tank top (Forever 21 Men), cargo pants (SM Department Store), cap (SM Accessories), watch (SM Accessories), leather rucksack (Grafea), green socks (Topman), brown boots (Forever 21 Men). Hype this on lookbook here.

Tri-toned tank top from Forever 21 Men. I’m also holding my favorite wintermelon milk tea drink from Moonleaf! They just released their summer campaign which is all about enjoying your summer staycation! Check it out here

Limited edition La Boca shades from Ray-Ban. Available in select stores only! See complete list of stores here. I’ll also be having series of blog giveaways soon so watch out for that! Enjoy your summer break kids!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Moonleaf Summer 2012 | Summer Staycation from Moonleaf Tea Shop on Vimeo.

In this sweltering heat, when one can only think of the beach, or the mountains, or perhaps anywhere cooler than the scorching 35 degrees weather; we invite you to join us for a summer staycation as we take on this heat with the coolest milk tea in town.

Videography by Judd Figuerres
Photography by Joseph Pascual
Make up and Grooming by Kim Alcoreza
Production and Set Design by Jan Pineda and Dreps Tatad
Special Thanks to Jonver David

Featuring Sasha Palomares, Justine Aure, Gela Abores, Rutherford Perez, and Bruce Venida

White Winter Hymnal (James & Evander Remix)
by Fleet Foxes